GSC is committed to providing superior SERVICE, COMMUNICATION, AND SAFETY to our clients. We utilize processes that reduce our customers risk, time, and effort during the winter season. At GSC, we have a year-round focus on making winter a stress-free time for property and facility managers.

1 Proposals


Our certified snow professionals conduct comprehensive on-site assessments for individual properties to ensure accurate and transparent proposals. We develop snow and ice management plans for all sites that cater to our clients’ needs in order to mitigate risk and maximize performance.

We offer three contract options: Seasonal, Tiered Seasonal, & Per-Inch. All GSC proposals include Snowtistics, equipment assessments, and are customized to fit our clients’ budgets and requirements.

snow removal proposal pa
Custom Maps
2 Preseason Operations


Our preseason operations prepare us for all aspects of the winter season. To ensure the safety and efficiency of all winter operations, we provide on-site training for our ASCA-certified managers and allocate all equipment and manpower well before the first snow and ice event.

Our preseason procedures seamlessly integrate with our in-season approach of mitigating risk. We incorporate cloud-based photo and written documentation into all operations and services, providing peace of mind and protection for our clients year-round.

Our extensive snow network enables us to guarantee successful and timely service no matter the winter weather.

corporate snow management plan
Detailed Plans
3 In-Season Alerts


All customers are notified of a potential snow and ice event well in advance. We provide our clients with detailed weather alerts up to 72 hours prior to a storm, and send further updates throughout the pre-storm timeframe.

This proactive approach ensures all parties are aware of potential risks. Our weather alerts include all pertinent snow and re-freeze information from the entirety of our service area, better preparing clients with commercial properties in multiple locations.

GSC Weather Alerts by Email
Winter Alerts
4 Event and Storm Operations


Communication is the most important part of our business. GSC offers industry-leading communication systems, creating a stress-free winter season for property managers.

During snow and ice events, all clients are notified via time-stamped photo documentation of site arrivals, services performed, and service completion in real time. Our operations center is always available during snow and ice events for any questions, concerns, or requests.

GSC is offering new technology that ties in with our real time service notifications, giving property managers 24/7 site visibility for an unlimited number of properties.

GSC Post Storm Report
Real-Time Reports
5 Post-Storm Reports


Our commitment to superior service and communication doesn’t stop at the end of a winter event. We continuously monitor re-freeze threats for all properties following an event to minimize risk and maximize safety. All post-storm services are recorded via cloud-based documentation and provided to our clients in real time.

We provide clients with timely invoicing, entailing ZIP code-specific, certified snow totals and detailed service descriptions for verification and compliance purposes.

Event Certified Snow Totals by GSC
Certified Snow Totals
6 Post Season Closeout


At GSC, we are All Snow, All The Time. Therefore, the end of winter does not mean the end of our services. Our crews conduct comprehensive postseason site assessments, offer on-site seasonal performance reviews, provide any necessary photo documentation our clients may need, and remove all equipment swiftly and safely once the season is complete.

In the spring, we provide a detailed winter season report to our clients that includes a cumulative snowfall summary, a snow and ice event breakdown, and a detailed summary of all GSC services performed.

We start preparing for next winter on the first day of spring to ensure we are equipped to effectively manage our clients’ commercial property portfolios when the time comes. Remember: it’s never too early to talk snow.

GSC Post Winter Season Report
Winter Season Reports
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