Medical Centers

Medical centers stop for nothing – not even severe winter weather. However, snow and ice can pose life-threatening risks for patients, staff, and visitors, compromising access and emergency response capabilities.

At GSC, our winter weather solutions can cover the urgent needs of healthcare facilities during large accumulations of snow and ice by prioritizing safety, accessibility, and continuity of care. With our proactive operation, around-the-clock availability, and transparent communication, property managers can rest assured knowing that all entrances, parking lots, and emergency access routes remain functional and reachable at all times, no matter the weather.

Medical Center Snow Removal Lehigh Valley

Top 100 Provider in North America

Real-time updates for impending weather per site location.

GSC is equipped to manage your local portfolio in our regional footprint from the Lehigh Valley to Reading to Philadelphia and from central to southern New Jersey.

All year, we focus on winter. To manage our regional portfolio, we dedicate our entire year to properly plan and train our team to tackle anything winter throws at us.

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